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Guaranteed Online Loans For Bad Credit -Slideski.Com Loans 9% of loans come from gray panthers

9% of loans come from gray panthers


More than 9% of loan applications come from over 60s. One in 10 requests comes from pensioners, perhaps because of the pension guarantee.
This is what emerges in the latest analysis conducted by the portal bankate in collaboration with Astro finance, which has monitored over 30,000 requests for financing – personal loans and salary backed loans – in the last six months (from September 2014 to February 2015).

The average funding request, in the traditional consumer credit sector, by this age group, amounts to $ 13,400 to be repaid in 67 months (equivalent to five and a half years) with a salary or pension of about $ 1,600.

A third of the requests concerns the sale of the fifth

A third of the requests concerns the sale of the fifth

It is mainly men (in 72% of cases) who ask for loans when they are ahead, confirming a greater familiarity with consumer credit.
As many as 36% of funding applications received by the portals relate to requests for salary-backed loans (or pensions): a form of financing that allows even protesters to get money, even if at less convenient interest rates than personal loans.

Consolidate debts

Consolidate debts

Those who are retired or close to retirement age are the ones who push to ask for a personal loan, first and foremost the need for liquidity (32.6%) to be managed independently, while one out of 5 ( 19.2% of the sample) wants to renovate the house, taking advantage of the savings offered by government bonuses that have been in place for some time. 13.4% ask for a loan to consolidate pre-existing debts, obtaining even more liquidity, rather than   buy a used car, one of the most common reasons, at least until a few years ago, to push over-sixties into debt.

At this age more money is needed above all for medical expenses (5.9%), which rank fourth among the reasons for loan applications, thus overcoming the need to buy a new car (4.7%). But in almost 3% of the applications a loan is made to contribute to the expenses for the marriage of the children and for the ceremonies.

As for the granting of the loan, ” the over 60s are on average more facilitated than the others, ” he explains   Mauro Giacobbe, CEO of bankate – because a stable job or retirement not only reassure the applicant, who can therefore plan the largest expenses, but also the banks, which can give liquidity even to those who have had insolvency problems ».

It is at the Center that the elderly ask for more loans: in the Marche and Molise, respectively with 13.6% and 13% of requests, compared to the minimum percentages recorded in the North as in Trentino Alto Adige (5.4%) and in Emilia Romagna (6.3%). The highest amounts are requested in Basilicata (17,300 USD), while we are indebted for lower figures in Friuli Venezia Giulia where we ask for an average of 10,900 USD (13.4%).

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